Falling Ark

Anti-gravtiy is Doms thing. He has been working on it for a decade until one night, working late, he does it! A little floating orb that seems to defy all conventional physics. His lifes work.

Now all Dom has to do is get out of the building alive. Lara, VisionTech’s new CEO is not keen on keeping staff around longer than necessary and Dom is no longer needed. Afterall, Dom wants to use this technology to make the world better and that would drastically affect profits!

Now Dom must join up with a ragged crew of tricksters, hackers and hitmen as he embarks on a journey that will be literally out of this world in order to get his technology back. He might even save the world along the way.

Follow along as technology takes a wild turn and watch as Dom takes on the might of the most powerful organisation on Earth and tries to take down their leader who has eyes on global domination.