I stumbled across this news link provided by FOX News. Since I watch The Simpsons I have been exposed to a lot of FOX bashing, however I never really understood the jokes, except that FOX make The Simpsons and I thought it was an “in” joke. They are always saying not to trust FOX and I thought, how could a major news company really get their stories so wrong?

This is where this news story comes in.

The story is that there is a lone gunman has killed 7 people. The gunman is said to be french and of algerian descent; his religious beliefs are not known at this time. However the main problem is how this story is presented. Firstly that is not how you spell Toulouse where the gunman is said to be and secondly, Toulouse is in the South of France, I only have a GCSE in Geography but I am pretty confident that they have NOT highlighted the correct point on the map!

This raises so many concerns for me. I like to tell people that accuracy highly important in being taken seriously and yet a world news corporation like this can get away with this. Something wrong here.


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