Google has recently launched its competitor to Dropbox, BOX and all the otehr various cloud storage devices. Since Google has been late to the game here by several years I was expecting something good. I have had my issues with all of the other systems in the past and when I saw that Google was entering the arena I crossed my fingers.

Firstly I will start by talking about the issues using some of the other types of cloud storage. Whilst they all serve a purpose there are also many downsides.

  1. Dropbox – I am going to start with this because for years this has been my favorite. The desktop folder sync action is one of the most important features and Dropbox does this well. There is an issue with storage and I am currently on around 6GB due to referals which is how they seem to work. The ability to use this application in 3rd Party Apps is one of the most pleasing features.
  2. BOX – I have never really liked BOX. They currently offer a lot of storage, I recently managed to get 50GB for free, however the lack of desktop client is a real drawback. I tried to make use of the 50GB storage but if you have every tried to use a webclient to upload lots of files then you will understand my problem. This is a real shame because BOX also has multiple 3rd party apps which make it very attractive to use if only I could get enough content into the system. The really annoying thing about BOX is that they have a desktop client but you have to pay $15 a month. Admitidly this does also give you 1TB of space which is the best value for money but it is still more that I would be willing to spend.
  3. SkyDrive – This offer from Microsoft used to be one of my favorite applications when it used to be called Live Mesh. They seem to do everything right, a decent desktop client, a web profile and a large amount of storage (I don’t know about everybody else but I seem to be able to get 25GB for free). The main downside about this though is the issue of 3rd Party apps. There is no support for android phones from Microsoft and this is a bit of a deal breaker.

This moves me onto Google Drive. On the face of it there is nothing different between Google Drive and all the competitors except Google seems to take all the best parts. They have the Dropbox style client for free. They have 5GB for free but 25GB for only $2.50 a month which I don’t consider to be an issue although it would be nice if the entry level would have been 25GB like Microsoft. They have a very decent web app that allows drag and dropping of files very easily. Most importantly there are talks that this is going to open, like so many Google projects. Hopefully this will mean a vast amount of 3rd party apps. Hopefully Google have been watching and learning and this product from them will be great.

If only they were to launch their Music system in the UK so that I could like my music to Google Drive and hopefully one day I could have TV and Film purchases too. This is wishful thinking however because of all the legal red tape the various companies are putting in the way. It would seem they want to stop people in the UK from downloading media legally. Never mind, that is a rant for a different day.

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