I have been thinking about recent developments regarding the touch screen industry. This might be mobile phones, tablets or even kiosks in shopping centers. I am wondering if the brains in the interface departments around the world have really thought out the different themes involved when creating interfaces.
There appears to be two distinct and incompatible audiences when developing touch screen devices. The difference comes down to age. It is my belief that the older generations are more comfortable using their fingers whereas younger generations prefer to use their thumbs. This could easily be proven by a simple experiment involving a sample audience and a variety of light switch styles. If I am correct this could suggest that two very different types of devices need to be created, possibly landscape style devices for thumbs and landscape for fingers. This can further be seen when looking at information points at shopping centers. These are mainly designed for fingers to press the buttons and therefore younger generations subconsciously do not like to use them.
This is possibly due to a generation of texters  and mobile savy people.
I just think that the big emphasis is on making devices finger friendly and this instead should focus in thumb friendly devices both on the design and the interface.