I was reading an article recently about how global warming will cause more volcano’s in the future because of certain effects on the density of the sea “squeezing” the magma to the surface. This is explained using the example of Mount Pavlof in Alaska, which is under these conditions and its eruptions seem to be biased towards winter months when these dense conditions are greatest.

This is possibly not good news for those people who worry about global warming and live near volcanic activity, and it is certainly not good for the airline industry as they have recently not had much success regarding volcano’s. However this might not all be bad news.

I recently heard a good set of theories that putting sulfur in the high atmosphere can reduce the effects of global warming, the primary way of doing this being volcanic activity. This sulfur “screen” is a natural process and off sets the carbon pollution that might have been put into the air. This has been shown using Mount Pinatubo as conclusive evidence that a strong eruption can reverse many years of human carbon pollution.

Therefore the solution is simple, let global warming run its course. As the carbon levels increase then volcanic activity will increase, which in turn reduces global warming. It seems like a lovely natural process.

On a quick side note I have also been thinking about the ways that people are trying to “save” the planet. One idea that I thought about is eating locally produced food. This saves transport costs and therefore saves the carbon footprint from moving all the food around. This seems quite logical and therefore as a scheme it sells well to public which possibly justifies the increased prices. However when you look at the economics behind the way food is produced. The actual transport of food makes up between 5% and 10%, a very small part of the whole carbon footprint. Large scale food production can save on the carbon footprint to the tone of around 50% due to efficiency saving and the mass production compared to local production. So the idea of locally producing food does actually massivly increase the amount of carbon put into the atmosphere.

I cannot say I am surprised by this however, given the rash nature that actions involving global warming are made. Very much the case of pretend to be helping and we’ll work out if it helps after we have all become rich.