Since the launch of the Amazon App Store in the USA and it’s ultimate release here in the UK I have been thinking about how technically possible it would be to create a Universal App Store. The idea behind this being that if I purchase an App on an Andriod phone, I would like to download the same App on an iPhone or a Blackberry if I decide to change. Of course the simple way to implement this is to simply compile the various source codes and then download the relevant files for the relevant phone.

There are only two major issues that I can see with this. Firstly the programmers might not enjoy this as they are not going to receive the various multiple income streams. However they will be able to access a much larger and homogeonised audience that might be more inclined to purchase Apps if they feel they are cross platform.

The second issue is getting Apple on board to allow applications such as the Amazon App Store into their ecosystem. This should not be an issue because this would be anti-competitive and the EU has branded Microsoft for this many times and not to do so for Apple would be unjust.

The huge benefit would of course be to the user who would feel the majority of the benefit and also the store owner who would naturally incur a service charge in the same way Apple takes 30%.

Who knows, it might just happen, Opera has launched its platform Appia which claims to be cross platform. However it is about time that we realised the future is mobile and it is going to be unusual to replicate the PC market rules simply because there is not going to be one single OS but instead around 25% shares between Google, Apple, RIM and others such as Windows, Symbian and webOS. The rules have changed and when somebody realised this there is a huge opportunity for this.