Sony are about to launch their latest Walkman, labelled the X-series which is being put up against Apples iPod Touch. This is going to be a series piece of kit, boasting a touch screen OLED display which is going to look and feel superb, Wi-Fi connectivity and noise cancellation built in. It comes in 2 flavours, a 16GB and 32gb.

I do have some reservations about buying this MP3 Players, not just the price. There is no Bluetooth which i feel is a major letdown, it couldn’t have been too hard to have thrown this in too help sell Bluetooth headphones. The only other problem I see with it is the reduced quality when playing videos. The screen is limited to 320x240px which is a shame not to make the most of the glorious OLED screen.

On the positive you will be able to watch YouTube and iPlayer content over Wi-Fi and there is a built in web browser, so the sky really is the limit. Whether it will be more attractive than the iPod Touch is yet to be seen and the lack of an “app store” does bring disappointment. We shall see more when it hits the shops at the end of the month.