If you do not know of the podcast “twit” (this week in tech) then I suggest you firstly check it out, especially this weeks episode called “lisa hates tech”. Something quite revolutionary happened. During the show the hosts got talking about making someone famous from their fame, they searched Twitter to find a girl who didn’t like tech, and then suggested that people follow her. Lisa was picked at random and started the day with only 3 followers, and at the time of writing this she now has nearly 20k followers.

This got me thinking about how influential people can be by using the Internet and their own fame. If people can now be turned into overnight sensations via programs like Twitter then anyone can literally become famous like lisa without even knowing about it.

Theres is the problem that people might not want to be found but then you wouldn’t be using this technology anyway. But the trail of fame will nit stop with her, she just posted explaining the blog that broke the story first, which will now share the fame and people will keep visiting that blog now, and subscribe to it for no other reason than because they are getting involved in the story.

The whole reason why so many people are now following lisa is because they don’t want to get left behind in the story, that they want to keep going with it because people crave information and stories.

It just makes me think that in an era where media companies are finding it hard to attract viewers and finding it difficult to swap to digital media, maybe they could learn from the 20k people who are now following lisa, why they are getting involved in this tiny story and what makes them want to subscribe to this type of story. Is it the recommendation of the host of twit, or is it because people want to be at the start and end of a story so they can report it as their own, as I am now. If it is the first then media companies need to hire even more big names, but if it is the latter then they need to develop a new way of structuing their news so that people can access it and feel unique to the story, like they are part of it, so they can tell it themselves, such as synthesising blogs and tweets so that people can have their own view and say in the news, then people will contribute to these news communities and drive the business forward.