Earlier during the exhibit Michael Gove announced that high schools should start to teach programming. Now although I have my own personal thoughts on this matter (it seems that the people in charge are so disconnected from the actual classrooms) I was interested to see what kind of spin this would put on the show.

There were a couple of nice hands on surprises by some of the “Big Boys” including some Chrome Books and the Asus Transformer Prime. I cannot see these taking off in the classroom any time soon but I do want a Prime for personal use!

There was a huge push on 3D printers and I would love to get myself a copy of the of one of these to try out. I would love to see a future where I buy something off the internet and then I get to print it out myself without waiting for delivery.

There were also a couple of stands offering programmable circuit boards. This really got my attention as there are currently no decent programmable systems out there other than products like Lego Mindstorms which dumb down the technology (for good reason) but they will not help the high level. I will be interested in getting my hands on some of this kit and letting the students loose with it to see what they can do. This is what really needs introducing at a young level so know where they interests lye, either with hardware or software.

Overall it was a productive trip and I look forward to next year in the Excel Centre. The best part is that it is later in the year next year, after the exams… I think I feel a class trip coming along.