For people who think they may have a good idea often the only drawback is the funding that is needed to turn it into a reality. However this is about to change due to a couple of websites that have popped up recently. These websites are called and These are like Dragons Den for the every day people.

If you have a idea then you can sign up and put forward your idea into the stream. People will then be able to invest you so that you can create your product.

This will certainly help people with ideas to get projects running.

This kind of website comes of the back of websites such like which allows you to put forward an idea into the cloud, put forward a request for people to invent something and the social network will produce someone who is willing to create this, or you can offer to do tasks for other people.

Without the internet this kind of innovation was simply not possible. This means that the productivity of people is going to be hugely increased by this crowd sourcing technology.