Imagine a shop that will allow you to dress up in various costumes and use props to have your photograph taken in various high quality sets. There is a huge potential for a unique store that is easily expandable and franchised. For an initial set up of £50,000 it could have an annual turnover of £250,000 providing you have the initiative to set this up.


This year I was dragged to a photo shoot at a well known place in Manchester and although the main talking point was the crazy prices at the end of the shoot (£3000 for 60 images) we also commented on what a nice time we had. After a recent visit to Vegas I saw potential for a new type of store where you pay to have your photo taken there and then.

The inspiration came from a store that did a similar thing to the photo shoot place I went to in Manchester, except that they were based in a shopping mall. This got me thinking about how great it would be if I didn’t have to book but instead I could just turn up.

The Idea

The concept involves renting out a store in a shopping centre. This will be a high end store so possibly in the Trafford Centre near Selfridges. The store should be split into sections which should represent a journey through the the store. The front of the store should be attractive, showing the most of the themes in pre-taken photographs. There could be several TV screens that show these, there can also be a live feed to the photograph area so people can see the photo’s being taken (although this would require permission). There can also be a place to take passport photo’s. The more active the front looks the better.

The customers visit the reception, which is just a simple stand with the prices easily marked out so that people can make easy decisions and do not feel like they are being taken advantage of. They can then go to their desired themed room. This could be a cowboy theme this bars, saloons and a mini gun fight, or a raunchy theme including half a bed and other items. The themes are limitless and lend themselves to multiple stores that have different themes. This is where most of the cost will be. The theme and the costumes have to be high quality in order for the customers to feel good and pass on the experience through word of mouth.

At the end of the shoot they can then go into the viewing room where they can then choose their photo’s and these are then burnt onto disk for them which they take home there and then.

In done correctly the following time should be allotted.

  1. Choose price plan and theme.
  2. Photographer suggests costume and while they are getting changed the photographer sets up the room. Each customer is put onto individual SD cards an empty one will need to be found. There will only be a few photographs taken so a bulk order of 256MB can be made for quickness in store. These can then be wiped at the end of the day ready for the next day.
  3. 10Mins in the themed room to take their photo’s. The key here is to hire an interactive photographer. There should be about 30 photographs taken in various poses and using various props.
  4. While they are getting changed again the photographer preps the viewing room.
  5. The customer views the photographs and chooses how many they would like which are then instantly burnt onto disk and the customer can leave with the disk. This room could be manned all of the time by an expert seller.


The key is to make sure that the customers are in and out as quick as possible whilst giving them a good experience.

The price points could look like:

Photo Experience: £15.oo


3 Photographs: £10

10 Photographs: £20

 All Photographs: £30

Theme change: £10.00


Therefore a customer pays £15.00 for the basic experience. This will include only one theme, however they can pay for a change of costume and theme for an extra £10.00 which shows a small discount so that they don’t have to come back and do a different theme again. The customer can then choose what they would like to take away with them.

Because the layout of the store would allow for 3 themes at a time to process then the maximum that could be earn’t per store is about £150 which takes 30mins. However this would not be the case all of the time. I believe on average the studio should turn over on average 2 customers an hour with an average income of £70. When this is multiplied it should allow for a turn over of around £250,000 a year.


Cost: £50,000

Turnover: £250,000 per year

Difficulty: Hard

If you would like to pursue  this idea further you should contact me for more ideas and a few of the problems that I can work out.