Rubbish Advert Craze

November 12, 2013

Introduction I have been watching adverts recently and becoming more and more outraged and the type of advert that gets produced these days. There seems to be an increasing trend within so many companies of showing something interesting followed by a “Pan up” and “Insert logo here”. These are off the shelf marketing campaigns developing […]

Should devices be made for fingers

June 15, 2011

I have been thinking about recent developments regarding the touch screen industry. This might be mobile phones, tablets or even kiosks in shopping centers. I am wondering if the brains in the interface departments around the world have really thought out the different themes involved when creating interfaces. There appears to be two distinct and […]

Global Warming: Whats the big deal?

May 14, 2010

I was reading an article recently about how global warming will cause more volcano’s in the future because of certain effects on the density of the sea “squeezing” the magma to the surface. This is explained using the example of Mount Pavlof in Alaska, which is under these conditions and itsĀ eruptionsĀ seem to be biased towards […]