I graduated Keele University in 2009 with 2:1 Honours in Computer Science and Management Science. I then completed a PGCE in ICT to Masters level. I taught Computer Science Loreto College in Manchester, Computer Science at the Grange School, Hartford and now I am Head of Business and Computer Science at EPCHS. I also host ComputingSchool.co.uk to help people find out how to code and about how technology works.

I take a keen interest in technology and also enjoy media work, which can be seen in projects that I develop within schools. This website has been set up mainly out of interest for myself, to note down all my thoughts on topics that I find in my day to day life.

Things About Me

My favorite bon132412ok is by James F. David. I picked it up in San Francisco airport and read it the whole journey home. It’s a great read and along with Hitchhickers Guide to the Galaxy it has helped inspire me to write my own book.

I am in to Rock/Indie/Alternative although will listen to anything with a decent beat.

I love movies, especially decent Science Fiction movies and I spend too much time watching Netflix/Youtube/Plex etc…